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UBC Sailbot ready to launch ADA across the Atlantic Ocean on a record-setting trip

lundi 22 août 2016Dronautic Organisation

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After three years of many all-nighters, engineering challenges, a rotation of senior members graduating and new members stepping up and continuing our team’s success, UBC Sailbot is finally ready to make an incredible dream a reality ! We are in Newfoundland, and about to launch our autonomous sailboat, Ada, across the Atlantic Ocean on a record-setting trip which no autonomous boat has ever successfully completed before !

Countdown to launch is a matter of days, as we prepare for launch on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, from St. John’s harbour in Newfoundland ! You will be able to track Ada’s progress across the Atlantic by visiting https://track.ubctransat.com/ for live updates once she launches. As we approach this incredible milestone, we want to thank you for being part of our journey to date, and to share what it has taken for us to get here.

This UBC Sailbot summer consisted of 20 dedicated full-time members giving it their everything to prepare Ada for a successful launch. Many of our members forewent work this summer to focus exclusively on our project in the lead-up to launch. As soon as exams were over, these enthusiastic individuals flocked to the Rusty Hut workshop to begin working on something amazing. We don’t think anyone could expect the long and unforgettable summer ahead. Our team members worked tirelessly day in and day out both in the workshop and on water. This is not an assignment or for class credit. There is no monetary gain. Our team of students is driven by pure passion and dedication for achieving the dream of becoming the first autonomous vessel to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

After months of on-water testing in the sheltered harbour of Vancouver, the team packed Ada up in a trailer complete with all tools, spare parts, and camping gear and began the 10-day drive across the country. A more detailed account of the journey can be found on our blog at https://ubcsailbot.org/blog/.

Arriving in Newfoundland was surreal. It was a major milestone for our team and a huge step forward to making launching Ada a reality. We were welcomed into St. John’s Newfoundland with such generosity and support, it made getting a testing routine set up here easy ! Since arrival, we have been diligently testing all components of Ada to ensure she is ready for her journey across the Atlantic Ocean. She has been sailing in higher winds than she ever has before and is performing beautifully !

- Tracking : https://track.ubctransat.com/tracking

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